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Our Mission

Our Mission


Retirement and Financial planning should be a part of everyone’s mindset.  Many people have this notion that you must be a millionaire to have a financial advisor. Not at all!!!

Mayers Capital Management is here for every client in every stage of their financial life. From the Millennial trying to figure life out, to the recent retiree wanting the know the next steps.  Planning for retirement and making your money last through it are on the list of the most important things we all should be planning for.

As your advisor we will assist you in preparing for the ups and down of the market, as well as stop the bleeding when there are downturns.


Yes, it is that simple!


We are based in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and the Virginia corridor, and have been in the Financial Industry with over a decade of experience.  Our advisors have experience with the top firms, banks, and Wire-houses. At Mayers Capital Management, our job is to make planning for your retirement a lot easier.

Most advisors spend a lot of time in their craft at becoming proficient with accumulation for their clients.  At Mayers Capital Management, we balance all three phases, and look at financial planning a bit differently than the typical financial advisor.

We have a client-centric approach that focuses more on life priorities and personal goals. The beauty of working with a Mayers Capital Management advisor is that we truly put our clients’ needs first without focusing on what corporate politics tells us to do.

We have a complete altruistic approach to everything we accomplish for our clients.  You don’t see retirement the same way as your parents and neither do we.  This personalization approach is not only effective but speaks volumes in helping you live a better financial life in the years ahead, while maintaining a focus on your lifestyle.

Our financial approach captures what changes take place in your life.


We change with you!

Contact us TODAY so we can get a feel for who you are as an investor so that we can show you who we are as advisors.  We would be most honored to work with YOU!